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Therapeutic Specialization

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Chronic disease management

Combined expertise in understanding the patient experience, multi-disciplinary healthcare team working, poly-pharmacy and co-morbidities all underpinned with scientific rigor and expertise:

  • Integrated market access and payer communications expertise to address
    the breadth of evidence and information needs
  • Experience in communicating and educating on unique, subjective endpoints
    and patient reported outcomes
  • Specialized teams in CNS, psychiatry, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory,
    inflammatory and metabolic conditions


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Experience and passion working in a fast-moving space – new targets, MOAs, and accelerated clinical development.

  • Deep understanding of the core science underpinning multiple indications
  • Integration of biomarkers, diagnostics and targeted therapy
  • Long-standing relationships and partnerships with global KOLs and HCPs
    across disciplines


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Specialized medicine

Vast experience in rare diseases, orphan drugs and gene therapies including working with small, innovative pharma and biotech:

  • Expertise in establishing new models of care and treatment strategies
  • Integrated market access expertise and understanding of varied procurement
    models for specialized products and services
  • Expertise in facilitating multi-stakeholder working across HCPs, payers,
    patients, caregivers, and industry


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Vaccines and infectious diseases
powered by videra consulting

Broad expertise across a plethora of infectious diseases, anti-infectives and vaccine solutions.

  • Vast experience in communicating and educating on the core science
    and value of infectious disease solutions
  • Expertise in the unique challenges associated with bringing vaccines and
    anti-infectives from development through to regulatory approval and launch
  • Integrated market access and payer communications expertise to navigate
    the often complex regulatory and access environment


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Cell and gene therapies powered by genera consulting

Cell and gene therapies are disrupting medicine at every level!

For patients, this could mean a long-awaited treatment or even cure. However, bringing such a therapy to market is a journey unlike any other, with rapidly changing expectations and many other hidden hurdles. We are pioneers in this area, and to date, we have been supporting 43 therapies through these unexplored territories.

  • Regulatory pathway
  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Pricing, reimbursement, and market access
  • Patient engagement
  • Uptake and adoption
  • Commercialization and corporate affairs


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