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Designing Experiences Founded on Science, Driven by Insights

We design your solution with intent.

The insights we gather are the basis to create innovative and compelling content developed by our team of scientific storytellers and supported by our extensive in-house digital and creative capabilities.

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Meaningful insight and outcomes powered by our medical analytics and innovation team.

We are experts in applying the latest advanced analytics techniques and practiced in the art of converting innovation to outcomes.

Whether it’s adding meaning to newly identified experts, novel intelligence gathering, assessment of medical communication effectiveness or activating scientific knowledge, planning at your desk and out in the field, with medical experts, in critical meetings or at conferences, our Medical Analytics and Innovation team can support you.

By applying the latest in machine learning and natural language processing, we augment partners and clients with superhuman intelligence, allowing them to complete literature searches that cover 400 times the ground in one thousandth the time. We enable MSLs to put forward content to medical experts that best addresses their queries, and we support business questions that lend themselves well to algorithms, prediction and decision making.

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Experiential design powered
by science affinity

Our Science Affinity team are experts in using science to elevate ideas. We create more resonant experiences, both rationally and emotionally, that change behavior.

Our team of scientists, thinkers, strategists, digital and print graphic designers, animators and illustrators are working closely with our full stack developers, user experience and engagement strategists, data visualization and presentation experts to create bespoke solutions.

Technology has now reached a stage allowing us to create most things that we can think of, but that does not mean that all things created have a real purpose. If you are not using science to connect with your audience, you are fundamentally missing its value.
We maximise scientific storytelling and delivery of compelling and measurable experiences…Do you?

Let’s design the best solutions to your problems. There is a science to that, learn more about our Science Affinity team.


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